Flare Voyant reveals the fuzzy lines of Industry Of Cool

Augustine Azul is a high voltage raw combo. Their sound is focused on the progressive side of the moon, but still retains the DNA that makes your neighbors call the cops. It's a jam made for you, a cool stoned and drunk connoisseur of takes with progressive insights and Hard hittin' school vibes of the '70.

The motion of the melody created for ''Lombramorfose'' is technical, fast, crazy on it's time doesn't try to emulate a show-off, group. The key is exactly the opposite: they do not flirt with excess, their secret is to keep it groovy, dinamic and and psychedelic. Believe me, every time you put this acid take on, new details will pop up in your ears. Music is free and they play that chord, following a musical thought that guides them throughout the tracks of the road to glory.

Foto: Ale Marques

Line Up:
Thomas Baignères (vocals)
Rod Bourganos (guitar)
Lucas Roxo (drums)
Erico Jônis (bass)
Greg Sá Bach (Hammond)

If Miles Davis were the author of this article, he would say: ''It's the birth of a new cool''. The single emerges with a voice that recalls the serenity of the '50 big shots. A Bluesy feeling that adds that refined touch of class. The drumming is the powerhouse of the beats. The guitar is the point of no return and the riffs are served with that distinguished Motown flavor while the Hammond's wall howls deeply at this Jazzy sugar cube.

Rock 'N' Roll's essence is not a fake industry, but up to when feeling gets less important than the courage of the musicians, the sound will keep rebelling.

The Industry Of Cool - Almost Famous

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